Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holiday Sign

Okay so it is a holiday and Seasons sign but when it is Spring and Summer here in Utah after a long winter I feel as if it is more of a holiday . . . whose with me on that one? . . . yes everyone agrees who lives in Utah, I thought so!

Here is what you need:

  • 12×6 Big Board (with a hole on the right side for the knob)

  • 2-Small Boards (two holes on each corner for ribbon)

  • 1 Sheet of Designer Polka Dot Paper

  • 4 Sheets of Holiday Paper

  • Vinyl: It’s Spring, Summer, 4th of July, Easter (you can mix it up but this is what I did)

  • Brown ribbon or I used tulle

  • 1 Knob

  • Mod Podge

  • Foam Brush

  • Sand Paper

  • Here is how to do it:
    *Mod Podge all the wood like I did in these picture frames with any color paper you wish
    *Sand off edges
    *Stain (if you wish) the edges of the board
    *Screw in knob of your choice (hobby lobby or anthropology has cute knobs)
    *Stick the vinyl (make sure to do it as low to the bottom as possible so the ribbon or tulle doesn't cover it
    *Thread the ribbon through and hang
    *DISPLAY and wait for chocolate to appear!

    Okay, back to reality. Hurry and get this done before Easter because if you're like me then you will want this baby sitting in your house reminding you that CHOCOLATE is on it’s way!!

      Since Easter is only one day and lets face it here in Utah it seems to not feel like spring until May so I made the flip side to say spring so when Easter is over I can still have it out.

     It goes perfect with my other decor. Don't you just love the carrot garland. You can seem to make anything into a garland these days.

    I have another wood saying to hang on the "IT'S" board and I will be displaying that later because it says summer and on the flip side it says the 4th of July.


    1. You amaze me! Did you make all these Easter decorations? I love the carrot garland and the Easter sign too. :) your craft ideas!


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