Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ice Cream Party

This ice cream party was my first party I decorated for my sister. Please keep in mind I did not know the importance of photography when doing this party... apparently lol. I like to look at this party for my nieces 2nd birthday and compare it to my nieces 3rd birthday party I decorate  and see how far I have come.

The drink and pizza table (where is the pizza? It came late)
Flowers and a canvas just on an empty box I mod podged added height to the table. Any table needs height and a focal point
I froze some marshmallows to put in the bottom of the punch bowl to give color and keep it cool

Cotton Candy "ice cream cones"

cotton candy, waffle bowls, and cake bites in ice cream cones
 It is so easy to do the ice cream look because it doesn't have to be perfect. A little drip here and there makes it look even better!

Cutest ice cream cone marshmallows I found at WalMart
Some of the kids got to the pink animal crackers before I could take pictures . . . Okay it was me I ate too many and didn't realize until I saw this picture... opps,
The toppings

The Cake
I Added a simple black box on top of a pink rug to add textures, layers, and height to the table

The party favors

At the party we played the "ice cream freeze" its the freeze game where you play music then when it stops you freeze. Of course all the kids won these fun ice cream popper toys . . .

(please notice my nephew in the back with a sword down his shirt)

This outfit she wore was the inspiration for the color scheme. It's always good to plan a party around one theme or color scheme.

isn't she just a doll?

(she wouldn't take off her swimming goggles)

I know that was a lot of pictures BUT if you want to see more pictures of the cake click here. If you want to see how to make the cake click here. If you want to see how to make the ice cream cone birthday hat click here


  1. randomly came upon your blog. i just did an ice cream party for my 6 year old on April 16th with same concept and must of been same inspiration!!! (printable stuff, cotton candy cones, ice cream bar,etc,etc) Yours turned out much cuter than mine..good job!

  2. HELLO this party is amazing!! You did such an awesome job! I love it!! and the ice cream hat is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.
    Oh man I hope Mason's party tomorrow turns out half as cute. Wish me luck

    Oh and we are leaving Mason for the cruise. I'm so excited to have a week just with Sam but so nervous to leave him! I think he will do awesome though. 1 is a good age, they don't quite have the separation anxiety yet...they are easy to manage. So you will be fine leaving Jax.
    Well I hope...I will let you know next week! ha ha

  3. bridget you are so good and creative and just awesome! seriously though, do you just have accessories for every kind of party?? like the cute serving spoons with ice cream cones on the end. i mean come on! where do you get all this stuff??

  4. Wow Bridget everything looks so amazing! You really do have a talent for this kind of thing. What a lucky little niece you have!


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