Monday, April 18, 2011

"Melted" Ice Cream Cake Tutorial

Do you want to make this cake?

Then here is how:

First you need to make the batter with one box mix and bake it in two 8 inch pans. (SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY THE CRAP OUT OF THE PAN WITH PAM) hopefully the ALL caps expressed the importance of this step:)

Cool completely.

Lay one on top of the other using frosting.

Okay now for the pictures:

Step 1. Dirty ice the cake.  That means do a thin layer of frosting all over.This will help with keeping the cake from crumbing up on you. (Is crumbing a word? Ah, if not you know what I mean.) Then freeze it for  about 15 mins. This will help the frosting go on eaiser.

Step 2. Cut your Mallows in half and then add them to your cake. (you can pipe frosting here if you are real fancy but I'm not)

Step 3. Melt your chocolate and add oil until it runs off your spoon. It should be the same consistency as a chocolate fountain.

Step 4. I made a cake ball to be my "ice cream." Smash the cake ball down to look like melting ice cream then pour chocolate over the top and just from the top until it runs down the side of the cake. You have to pour it from just the top of the ball to make it look realistic. Then add the cone and sprinkles. Lastly, immediately put in the freezer for the chocolate to harden and for the cone to stay in place.
 (for a recipe for a cake ball click here)

. . . and here is where Emeril Lagasse would say B.A.M.



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