Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirate Party

Who has seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Last weekend my sister in law had a Pirates Party for a bunch of teenagers to hype them up for the movie. They were able to eat some food and grab some "loot" for the movie.

When each kid walked into the door they received one of these: (I know I look scary)

Check out the cute decor. . .

Every "pirate" got a sword

 Before the movie kids were told to "grab some loot" or "walk the plank"

They each got a fabric bag to fill with all sorts of "blimey fish, "gold," "booty," and other fun candies

"crunchy bones"

"Thar she blows Tamales"

Don't mind some of the ribbon in the back... isn't this a cool vintage bottle. It was from the D.I (thrift store) spray painted and then decorated. The candle next to it just has small detail but in parties like these ALL the details count.

"crows nest cupcakes"

During the party the kids went on a treasure hunt and whoever won got these sweet swords as a prize. My baby took over one of them . . .
(My niece Kelsey with my baby boy)


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