Monday, May 2, 2011

DIY Vintage Tray

 warning in advance, these pictures are with my Iphone so they're not the best, lo siento!


* Any type of tray ( this is from TJMAXX but my mom did one to with one from a thrift store)
* Mod Podge
* sponge Brush
* Vintage inspired post cards.
         These are sooo funny. You can find them at boutiques or I bought mine off Amazon and shared the deck of post cards with my mom and there was still more for a 3rd tray. They are by Anne Taintor. You can also find them at chroniclebooks.


1. Pick which cards you want and lay them out on the tray how you want them. You may have to cut some to make them all fit.

2. Apply a small amount of mod podge on the bottom of the tray.

3.Lay down your cards and hold them down for a while so they will stick to the bottom of the tray.

4. keep making thin layers of mod podge and let it dry before repeating until all the cards become even on the tray. This will take a lot of coats of mod podge.

5. Display (I have mine holding my remotes for my TV in my basement on my coffee table.)

(pictures with iphone, sorry they're not very good)

 OR use it for yummy cookies like these:


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