Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traveling Tips update

I am back from my trip and I have more tips.

DON'T let your baby play with the instruction manual
(picture taken before tragedy struck ;) )

Because this could happen. . . .

YES a paper cut. I looked over and saw he was covered in blood and I frantically searched for where he could possible have a huge gash due to the amount of blood on his clothes and on the manual . . . who knew a paper cut could bleed so much.

This brings me to my second tip I forgot to mention in the last post; have a first aid kit in your diaper bag. I have a really tiny one and forgot about it until this happened. Glad I was prepared.

Luckily he is a good baby and after the tears he did this. . . . as I sat there feeling guilty that I let him play with that manual

For my last tip if you do bring your car seat on it has to be next to the window which can be a little chilly so make sure to pack a blanket.

OH WAIT, one more. . .  Always try to use the family bathroom rather than just the woman's. I almost got stuck in bathroom stall with the stroller and me all wedged into a tiny space. (can you picture it. . . . okay now stop that's gross!)


  1. be careful of bandaids on baby fingers, Malcolm almost ate one when he was 1...kinda freaked me out.

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