Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Traveling is fun . . . I mean VACATIONING is fun. The traveling to get there, well, not so much.

Tomorrow  I am taking my 7th month old baby to Texas (by myself ahhh). This will be his 7th and 8th time on a plane so by now I hope I have it down and can share some helpful tips to make the "traveling" with a small baby more enjoyable.


First off is I have to have this stroller because when it comes to flying by myself  my hands are limited and this stroller is quick and easy to fold up one handed and to go through security.

Speaking of security, did you know if you have small kids in a stroller you can go through the family line. I always get right up to the front of the security line!

Second most important thing is make sure to have your baby's birth certificate. If your baby is under 2 they fly for free and people told me as long as they look under two you are fine. My baby clearly looks under 2 but on my last plane flight I got a long and I mean LONG lecture because I didn't have Jaxon's. They also said that I could get fined up to 500 dollars if I get caught flying with a baby with out their birth certificate. NOT worth the hassle, just bring it!

*Always ask if the plane is full. If not you can bring the car seat on the plane and it makes it a much easier ride for your little guy and for you.

*Always be prepared ahead of time when going through security. The more time spent before you get to the airport the less stress you will be. Have everything in plastic bags and in easy reach to put in a bin. Bring enough food to just get through the trip. I always go through with a mixed bottle because they will allow that through but if you bring a water bottle and just formula with the intentions of mixing it when you get on the plane they will take your water bottle. You can always buy a way-over-priced water bottle once you get through or you can ask at one of the restaurants for water.

*DON'T feel bad asking for help.

*Don't sit in the emergency exit OR even the next 2 rows behind it. You are not able to do so and once you get settled they will ask you to move. It happened to me when I sat 2 rows behind and they stopped the plane just for me to move back and it was a PAIN.

*Try to sit by a friendly woman. They are always helpful and understanding if your baby cries or heck, even if you have to go potty and you can have them hold your baby. I know some of you may NEVER do that but TRUST me when I say it is hard to hold a baby and go potty in an airplane bathroom :) Plus where are they possibly going to go, they cant get off the plane?

(dont call child services on me)

NOW. . .

A few things I have to have in my diaper bag:

(I have 2 diaper bags and one diaper bag is specially set aside for only traveling (the link above) and it is called BFF. Very fitting because it will be your best friend when you are traveling. It is one that can be a back pack when traveling but then can be a shoulder strap when you are vacationing and don't want to look like a 3rd grader going off to school. (To see more about my travel diaper bag you can watch the video on it by clicking the link above)

baby food (has to be smaller than 3 oz.) They will let you take more but they will stop you and run a test and it just takes even longer. My suggestions is if your baby still likes rice cereal then do that since it is powder form and they will let that go through security with out having to do a "special" test on it. Another suggestion is just bring an empty water bottle and you can fill it up once you get past customs and its free.

When it comes to feeding baby food to your baby you HAVE to have THIS. . .  it will make life a lot easier. It's called the boon squirt baby food dispenser. It is a spoon that when you squeeze it baby food with come out on the spoon therefore freeing up a hand. Heck, use this even when you aren't traveling.

*tip* feed them a light colored baby food like pears or bananas in case it gets all over you. Last time I did carrots, not good!

 I like these because they keep them busy and when you are taking off and landing it is good for them to either be sucking on something or munching to help their ears pop. My baby takes a Binky so if yours does to then that's even better. But even during the ride if my baby starts getting fussy I give him one of the Mum Mums.

I like these as well. They aren't as messy as the Mum Mums but babies seem to go through them a lot faster.

bring toys that don't make noise. Who wants to sit next to someone who has a toy that plays obnoxious music? Not me!

*ALWAYS I repeat always have an extra change of clothes in your diaper bag. It has happened to me twice where he has pooped up his back and the last thing you want to do is put him back in his car seat all messy.

*Also dress your baby in layers in case it is cold or hot on the plane.

*Another surprising thing is DON'T put shoes on your baby. I always put him in the footed pj's. My sister in law went  through customs and they asked her to take off her 4 month old baby's shoes and that is just one more thing to do. (Hey, at least they don't discriminate.)

*This may be obvious but make sure you don't wear clothes that are complicated to take off and put on. You will be limited with hands and the quicker you are the less people behind you are rolling their eyes :)

*I have to have a binky clip so if his binky falls out of his mouth it doesn't hit the nasty ground, but if it does I have these in my diaper bag. (don't buy them at that link, those are way too expensive. I buy mine at TJMAXX for $3.00)

*I also like to have my wipes and diapers accessible in one quick swipe of my hand. You can make one like mine here.

*If nursing a nursing cover that actually covers. People are paying for a uncomfortable plane ride to their destination, not a peep show!

* And FINALLY I like to have sunglasses at all times in my bag just in case we want to be incognito from the paparazzi. . . . ha ha, JK. but aren't they cute?

* REMEMBER these are my tips. They work for me and may not work for you but I thought they were worth sharing


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