Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toy Story Party #1

This last weekend I did two different Toy Story parties. The first toy story party was for my cute nephew Brock. He is turning two so it says "Two Infinity and Beyond"


My other nephew was jealous it wasn't his party. . .

The cake. I am no professional, I am the first to admit that but my sister in law was going to pay someone 80 dollars for a nice gourmet cake. Hey, for 5 dollars I think mine looks great!

Before I do a cake I will place things on a Styrofoam shape to get it to look how I want it with out taking off frosting on the real cake. This allows me to move things until I get it how I like it. . .

I just made my banner with two candles and a 2 inch hole punch that I folded over and then cut it into a triangle. Then I draped it over bakers twine and used a glue dot to make sure it stayed.

My favorite part of the whole party . . . .

The birthday boy (and friends) had his cake and ate it to. . . .

The birthday boy and his brother

Poor cake :( Any one else want to dive in and take a bite lol?

***To see more of my parties click on the Let's Party tab @ the top of my blog.


  1. He is just too cute! And the party decor is awesome!

  2. Wow Bridget! I am SO IMPRESSED! You are so creative! So you have totally inspired me for my son JJ's b-day party this year...SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun! I love the "Two Infinity and Beyond" banner.

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