Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rubber Ducky Party

 This party was very simple. My friend didn't want to go over board on all the small details and so it was hard for me to stop myself from convincing her to do this and that. I feel like we made a good team because she kept me in check and she was practical where I thought everything could use a banner or sign, or a little more decor. 

 I often get asked how much I charge for parties and it varies. Some just want to rent my decor, some want me to JUST decorate, some just want ideas (obviously free for that) and some want me to do the food, cake, cupcakes, and all the decor and just enjoy their party and let someone else plan the party. (All my parties do include a copy of all the pictures I take at the parties/showers.)              

     This party was easy for me because I just brought the decorations, did the set up, made the banner and favors. My friend did all the food including the cake so this party is perfect for those who are willing to put in the time to save money and keep the party simple. If you look at the graduation party, ice cream party, and the pirate party then you should expect to pay a little more since there is more details to party. 

I used my baby's bath tub for drinks.

Rubber Ducky ice cubes. (it's all about the details)

Thanks for "waddling" over party favors
(some bubbles and rubber duckies)

I hope the birthday boy liked everything. Let's see. . . . . . .

nope not so much :)

to see the cake click HERE


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