Friday, November 25, 2011

Bunting Flag Tutorial

1. Draw your pattern on your fabric. I doubled up my fabric to give me 2 half circles. I used a picture frame to make my banner but if you want to be more "professional" :) and want the typical triangle shape you can find the template here.

2. Add any detail you want to the right side of the fabric

2. Then sew the right sides together. ( if you are a beginner remember to sew then back stitch then forward again to seal off the stitch)

3. Continue step 2 until you have all your flags completed. Then turn them right side out and pin them to your biased tape. I used a ruffled biased tape, it will cost more but adds more flair to the finished project.

4. This is the easy part. Sew all the way down the biased tape and your done.

*** special trick my friend taught me. Notice how I pinned my fabric flag to the biased tape (pic below).  If you pin it in sideways like I did then you can just leave them in and the machine will sew right over it. So at the end of the project you can take the pins all out at once.

To see another great tutorial on bunting flags check out my friends blog @ All Things Lovely...

To see the party I used this banner for click here.

To see more of my parties go check out "let's Party" on my blog.

Guess what my baby was doing while I was sewing away...

Learning how to eat with a spoon, but as you can tell he got sick of the spoon and found a faster way to eat it


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