Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wreath

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I saw the above picture on Pinterest and knew it was about time I put something on my door. So I decided to use it as my inspiration. With a wreath off my mom's front door  (shhh don't tell) and ice skates from Tai Pain Trading I created this....

It isn't rustic and vintage like I like the first but that is one I can still dream for.

 You can't have all your dreams now because what is there to look forward to ~ quote by my lovely husband.

He just says this when it is something he never really cares to spend the money on, like a perfect shelving unit to fit all my storage tubs and organized by it by color. OH, and don't forget the cute labels. IS it sad that that is my dream?

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  1. i love it!! it turned out so cute. I think its better than the original!
    so cute


  2. Bridget.. this is such a cute wreath! Sometimes I get on our facebook and today when I did I saw this post linked to your facebook, what a darling blog. Really, so so cute! You are even more beautiful, cute, creative and talented than everyone has told me!


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