Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frosted Branches

You could buy frosted branches that are 80 dollars for 6 twigs here or you can make some for less than 5 dollars, or free if you already have the stuff laying around your house like me. Well, not literally laying around my house, they do have an organized spot in my garage ;)

HMMMMM, I wonder what option you will chose :)

Step 1. Go cut down some branches; luckily my back yard is FULL of them. 

Step 2. Spray Paint them white. You can use any kind of spray paint but I like krylon. I chose to fully coat my branches but it would be cool if you just lightly dusted them with white so you could see a little bit of the natural color. Next, spray the twigs aggressively with spray adhesive .

Step 3.  sprinkle on Epson Salt (not rock salt) to give it that crystal effect. I also added Twinkle flakes to give it that shimmer. You could also use thick glitter but twinkle flakes give you a lot more bang for your buck.


I used my twigs in a winter wonderland dessert table.

Pictures from this dessert feature.


  1. Love this. I have some branches I did with glitter

  2. that is so pretty! i love it lots.

  3. Gorgeous! Going to use this idea at my cookie party this year, thanks!

  4. My daughter and I just made these, very easy and lots of fun! Thank you!

  5. what kind of white paint? help!

    1. Any spray paint works. I chose a matte finish because that is what I already had but you could use a glossy. My favorite spray paint is the krylon kind.


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