Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mini Cake Stands

This tutorial couldn't be easier. I purchased 3 bowels and 3 plates from target for 1.50 each and using my trusted glue I made mini cake stands. That means each one cost me only 3.00 dollars and were oh so cute! 

I used them for a "letters to Santa" party.

*** To see more projects you can click on the "project" tab at the top of my blog.



  1. I love these! I have seen a lot of DIY cupcake stands that haven't really liked but these turned out way cute! I will have to do this for sure! :)

  2. Brilliant--I need people like you in my life so that I can learn how to think outside of the box!

    Have no idea how I found your blog, but I love it!


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