Saturday, December 31, 2011

Push Pop Favors

I made these Push Pop favors for a client who is having a helicopter birthday party over the weekend for her son. I thought they turned out cute and a different take on a party favor.

If you are interested in making them then here you go:

Material Needed:
* Push Pops (you can purchase them through me)
* Hammer
*Wrapping Paper
*Something to puncture the wrapping paper with. (I used a screw head)

STEP 1.  Wrap up your Styrofoam with wrapping paper. Or if you suck at wrapping presents (uh hum, ME) then you can enlist your hubby to do it for you ;)

Step 2: Puncture a hole where you want the push pop to go. You do this so the wrapping paper doesn't tear when pushing in the push pop.

Step 3: Place the containers how you want them and repeat until all the way done!

Step 4: Fill with candy and decorate with tag.

***Pictures to come soon of the finished party.

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  1. So cute bridge. I almost did those for Cole's birthday but I had too much stuff. I already have all the pops so Cruz's birthday it is! XOXO


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