Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa's Cookies

This weekend I am doing a "letters to Santa" station for all my nieces and nephews (24 of theme total) and I am getting inspiration from all sorts of places. I love the vintage mail idea (see last picture) and make it look like letters sent from and to Santa. Another fun idea would be doing milk and cookies because we all know Santa loves that. The best part about that is then I can  reuse my son's birthday party stuff. It's always a good feeling when you spend a lot of time on something to be able to find another use for it. 

Some of my inspiration for the party.

To see more of my son's party click here

I love my vintage milk carrier and bottles. I must use these!

These red mugs for hot chocolate:

I love the vintage mail. I took this picture at the festival of trees. I am always look for inspiration and I found the whole idea for the party right here with this tree.

I am also going to be making these, and these for the party!

Pictures soon to come of my Letters to Santa station... wish me luck, I have to have the party first! ;)


  1. I love the milk mustache! So fun!! Very nice to meet ya today!

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