Monday, April 30, 2012

Paper Cone Tutorial

 I love wooden dowels because I feel the crafting options are endless. I used dowels from The Wood Connection to make "Fairy Godmother" Wands  for a Princess Party and this time I am showing you how to make party favor cones on a dowel that I used for a "Rock-a- Bye Baby" baby shower. 

Let's get started...


*Medium size dowel cut in thirds. They can cut them right there for you at the store for just pennies.
*8x10 double sided paper of your choice. Mine is all from The Wood Connection.
*Stapler. I prefer the long handle kind but you can use any regular stapler. 
*Ribbon of your choice


This is super easy once you get the hang of it. I took a lot of pictures to help direct you, and it will just take some playing around with to get that first cone. Once you get that first cone, you can use it to shape the others.

The KEY here is you have to have 8x10 paper. Most my paper is 12x12 so, if that is the same for you then just cut it down.

I roll the bottom right hand corner just part of the way to help get its shape.

Wrap the bottom right hand corner around the outside of the bottom left hand corner. This will help form the cone. This should fit nicely around because you already shaped the bottom right corner in step one.

 While holding the bottom right hand corner continue to step 4...

Step 6: While the dowel is in the cone, I will then hot glue the dowel down to the front side of the cone. This will help secure the dowel as well as balance out the cone once there are treats in it. If you don't do this step your cone may tilt once in the styrofoam or vase.

Step 7 decorate with Ribbon of choice. 

WAH-LA! you are done.

I filled my cones with Kool-Aid popcorn. To get that recipe and to see the rest of this "Rock-A-Bye" party click HERE.

Now for the giveaway...

The Wood Connection is giving away 25 dollars away to one of my lucky readers.

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Winner will be announced May 12th. Good Luck!

Disclosure: The Wood Connection gave me all the material in exchange for the post. All opinions and text are my own, as always.


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