Saturday, April 28, 2012


A couple weeks ago I decorated a wedding. The couple wanted teal, green, yellow, and orange for their colors. They requested it to be vintage, boardwalk, bright, and casual. It was a challenge to fit within that theme but I always love a challenge.

      To give it the vintage element,  I added in some "vintage" mason jars with a few other vintage decor items like widow panes, old suit cases, a vintage scale, and lastly some wild flowers wrapped in burlap. 

I had 30 minutes to set up the entire room and it was crazy, but luckily I had a lot of helpers. It was kind of fun bossing them around... is that sad that I enjoyed that part the best ;).  Anyways, since there was a time constraint I was not able to get a lot of pictures before everyone had picked through the main dessert table, plus there was on small disaster... see the last photos.

There was just one disaster for the night and that was the main focus of the dessert table. The wedding cake fell apart when the family went to picked it up at Harmons :( Luckily they were able to get a cake  from another local grocery store just in time for them to cut the cake. 

I want to give a shout out to my amazing sponsor Mimi's Dollhouse for the printables she made for me at last notice. Thanks girl. She has all the printables I have used in my other parties like this one and this one all in her shop.


  1. Love all the little details! And how sad the cake fell down. Boo! You did a fab job though. And it's totally fun to boss people around. ;) P.S. SO glad we met. You are the sweetest ever! XO

  2. Oh my word! I cannot believe your talent! The way you incorporated those colors was amazing! I love the first pic with the simple strands of ribbon...what a simple yet colorful touch! I need you when I come to decorate my son's 2nd party!


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