Friday, May 25, 2012

Game Night Party

I am SO VERY excited to share with you my "game night" party. This party is one of my favorites because there are so many fun elements anyone can recreate. I am now going to show you the whole party and in another post (here) I will break down detail by detail how I created this party. Yes, I am going to show you all the behind the scenes and share my secrets!

Let's start with the invitation. The invite is the best way to set the theme for the whole party. I had the idea to make the invite look like Monopoly board. However an idea can only get you so far, so lucky for me, I am partnered up with the WONDERFUL Holly from Mimi's Dollhouse, who created this for me. All the printables you will see in this party will be up for sell in her shop here.

When the guest arrived, they found this sign at the top of the birthday girls driveway. I chose to move ahead 12 spaces because she is turning 12. This would be easy to switch up to whatever age the birthday boy/girl is turning.

Learn how to make these chocolate nintendo remote controls with this tutorial.

Learn how to make this card cake stand with this tutorial.

After playing games the kids filled their "goodies" bag and watched the movie Clue. You can get these goodies bags here.

Vendor Credits:

Printables: Mimi's dollhouse
Card and domino cookies: Dicks Market in Centerville Utah
Chocolate Nintendo Remotes: molds by Gygi's (use coupon code bridgeywidgey10 for 10% off)
Candy: Gygi
Goodies Bag: Gygi
Giant Pixi Sticks: Sam's Club


  1. Holy Cow Bridge you are a freakin rockstar! This is amazing!

  2. So cute! Love, love, love the use of the twister board as a tablecloth! Great job Bridget!

  3. Cute- Oh My Gosh So cute and Fun Bridget!! Love it-- adorable party!!

  4. Seriously Cute Party!!! I love all the little tiny details that you paid attention too! What a fun party. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm seriously freaking out about how cool this party was. The board game boxes as trays? The domino cookies? The banner of game pieces? Ahh, so creative!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful par-tay. You did an incredible job. The treats are so impressive.

    Warmly, Michelle

  7. This is so fun! Shared on my FB page!

  8. Hey girl!
    I am featuring you tonight at 6:30pm during Sticker and Party Time! Thank you for linking up to my party... I hope to see you there!

  9. This is SO cute! Found you at The 36th Avenue and am now your newest follower!

  10. This party is absolutely perfect. I am a gamer, so I love the concept in general. You thought of everything! I love having the Scrabble letters spell out the food. I love all the food ideas. It's just amazing, and I'm so glad i found this so I could file it away in my party ideas. Love it!

  11. Saw this over at 36th Ave. Super cute. I especially love the scrabble tiles labeling the food. Awesome.


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