Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby + You wellness for two

Baby Plus You Wellness For Two

Is it just me or is it when you are trying to get pregnant and cant that everyone around you seems to be pregnant? It could be that I live in Utah where spotting a pregnant lady is as easy as spotting a fire hydrant or I am just more aware of people with the things I currently want. Even though my son turns 2 next month I still feel like a new mom. I am at the point where I actually have to be a parents and do the 'fun' discipline stuff and the battle for them to eat something healthy. Reasons like this is why I am always looking for advice or recipes that could work for me and my family. While on my search to find kid friendly food,  I came across this new site called Baby Plus You. This site is full of informative articles and recipes for pregnant, new moms, and families. I really like the concept of dedicating  a site for healthy pregnancy foods as well as quick and easy meals for young families. To check out their recipes you can go to  Recipes for new moms or Pregnancy recipes 

My favorite thus far is their Never Too Busy Breakfast Bars...


Every 2 days for the next month, they will be giving away a $10 gift card for new Facebook and Twitter 
followers! Simply check out the site and become a follower right from the contest on the homepage. Winners can choose from the following gift cards:

o Starbucks
o Sephora
o Netflix
o Toys R Us
o WalMart
o Target
Additionally, starting on Monday August 20, upload a picture to their Facebook page of your little one enjoying summertime for a chance to win a Pampering & Relaxation prizes for Mom valued at $200! 


  1. I am trying as well and let's just say living in Utah is making me sad.

  2. Thank you for sharing! And everyone keeps asking when I want more now that my son turned two's like two is a magic number for most! What you need to do is not want it and then it happens...all my friends get pregnant that way, LOL...


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