Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I {heart} The Lake

So all my close friends know I LOVE to go boating.  I would rather be on a boat than at the beach any day. Lucky for me I got both in one vacation. There is something about lake water, the breeze through my hair, and loud music that just does the body good :) I haven't been wake boarding in 2 years, and I have been having major with drawls so we decided to hit up my in laws lake house on the way to Hawaii. I still wonder how I got so lucky to marry such an amazing man who has the cutest family. Anyways I apologize upfront that I will have a couple Cali / Hawaii posts on the blog, but I promise while I am posting family pics and reminiscing of how amazing this trip was, I am behind the scene working on something really fun.

P.S. This is the suit from DownEast I wrote about.

For how much I love boating Jaxon wasn't so sure about his first boat ride....

Eventually he loved it....

1 comment:

  1. That looks just like my home town is it? Lake Arrowhead? Anyways, we love it too! Great pictures!


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