Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Ward Party

I thought moving to California I would have all this free time and some how I am finding myself more busy but just a different kind of busy. Instead of decorating parties and blogging it is filled with meeting new friends and taking my son to new fun places. If I do say so myself this is a much better "busy."

Anyways if you follow me on instagram ( @bridgetparry) you may know that in my church I was called to decorate the holiday parties. With some major help from two other lovely ladies we were able to make this massive, plain, boring cultural hall a spooky halloween event all while staying in a small budget. 

Below are some pictures of the event. IF only they did justice to how it felt in the room as we played Charlie Browns Halloween movie as the kids sat eating their halloween candy. To start things off we ate outside while listening to monster mash and checking out everyones costumes. (below I posted a few of my favorite). Next we had a trunk or treat where I whipped up our trunk with items I could find around the house. Since I had to decorate the Church the last thing I was interested in was my trunk. Finally, we entered into a spooky hallway into the main room where we had a costume parade, awards and dessert.

With simple Black construction paper the trees and bats were hand traced and taped to the walls. 

The drink station... Gross huh?

We had a small match of dirt we made into a cemetery. 

Entrance to the spooky hallway. (I didn't end up going because it was too scary for Jaxon) we had the young men in our ward jump out and scare people.

Dessert station where we served root beer floats... aka (witches brew)

Setting up the spooky hallway

My trunk. 


we have a nacho libre baby

a "eye" phone

elf on the shelf

But my Favorite costume was my little boy because I am biased :)


  1. Your new friends are lucky to have you around :)

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