Friday, December 20, 2013

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

How to: 

STEP 1. Be a creepy lady at your local home depot and as soon as the cut someones Christmas tree you ask ( or just act quickly) and take the tree trimmings and wood slices and RUN! Ha jk. They will give them to you for free so all you have to do is ask or dig through their trash ;) 

The larger pieces of wood came from my church parking lot. They happened to cut down a bunch of trees the week before and I was stumped (no pun intended) as to what to do for this Christmas party and when I saw these, it was my "ah- ha" moment! I then loaded up my truck and took them to a guy in my ward who cut them for me! The tree stumps and the burlap were my saving grace that tied this party all together! 

to see my whole rustic christmas party click here

STEP 2: Trim the tree to your desired size. and spray tiny areas of the tree branch with white spray paint. This is optional. I only did this to a few of the center pieces to tie in with my theme.

STEP 4: This is the big statement piece that everyone was asking how I did this. Super easy. Get a bag of fresh cranberries from Costco, Spray adhesive from your local craft store, and epsilon Salt ( in the pharmacy section at target is where I purchased it)

Lay the cranberries in box (also from Costco). Spray with adhesive and pour epsilon salt over until you have them covered to your liking.


Frost twig branches (tutorial HERE)

or you can buy a tall set from Michael's that are 11.99 but after you use a 50% off coupon that they usually have it may be worth your time. This time around that is what I did because I was lacking in time. I bought one tall twig set and just broke them up into small pieces. This was nice because I was able to use the original tall set for my first Christmas party this year  (the image below) and also for these center pieces

STEP 4: If you want, add some twine to a few of the glass bottles by hot gluing them. Next add wood chalk board signs that you can purchase at Michaels in their wedding decoration isle.

STEP 5: Finally just add the epsilon salt and cranberries in some of the jars, lay them on the wood, and sprinkle with some fake snow and BAM  you now have SUPER cheap, yet amazing center pieces. 

Total cost was around 25 dollars for ALL the supplies for 7 tables, but it cost me personally around 6 dollars because if you are a crafter or hoarder (there is a fine line between the both at my house ;) ) you probably already have white spray paint glitter laying around the house. :) 

I purchased my vintage milk bottles HERE. I literally use them ALL THE TIME! 
Mini Mason Jars purchased HERE. 

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  1. You are NOT creepy, waste not want not, well maybe a tad I love it, sounds like something I would do!


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