Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland Ward Party

Last night we had I had the fun opportunity to decorate the dessert table for my ward (church) Christmas party. We went with more of a winter wonderland theme and it turned out so cute. My cute friend Emily headed up the whole event. I have a thing or two to learn from this girl. She is great at delegating and giving everyone an opportunity to help with the party. I feel like when others are involved they get that much more excited about the party and it helps to make them feel included. We also lucked out because we shared the party with another ward and someone in that ward owns a party rental store so raise the roof and throw a fist bump in there because that means less work for us :). I ALWAYS suggest trying to share a party with another ward; they do breakfast and you do dinner! No need to go to all the work for just one party.

My favorite part of the party was the carnival for the kids. The young men and women put this on and it was SO cleaver! I wish I could take credit for some of these ideas but I cant but I will for sure be stealing some of these ideas ;)

Pin the star on the tree

Cookie Decorating

Candy Cane Fishing. HOW CUTE IS THAT!?

Christmas Tree bowling

Jaxon with his girl friends chatting over a cookie. So fun to listen to little kid's conversations. 

My favorite of the night!

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  1. Hello pretty girl - just wanted to let you know I featured one of your items on my blog today and added a link back to you! Thank you.


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