Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anne b

I am a fan of all things homemade, but an even BIGGER FAN when it has a good cause behind it. You all must go check out Anne b. You may have recently seen them on Brickyard Buffalo, but I bet you didn't know their is a great project behind these bags.

Meet Sarah... 

My friend Sarah makes these detailed and amazing bags/clutches with a purpose.  
She is practically self-taught because she was frustrated after not finding a bag that fit her needs. (Haven't we all been there?) Eventually that led to designing bags for her friends that fit their personal needs, taste, and style. I can totally relate as I started out just doing parties for my son which then led me to hiring my services out and creating this blog. 

Now fast forward to 2014 and Sarah is ready to make anne b more than just a hobby. All of her products are handcrafted with quality materials and detailing and my favorite part is you get to pick from tons of fun patters and colors. You essentially can even design or find your own print. 
What I love about my bag the most is the leather detail. Who isn't into leather right now, I mean come on! Anne b bags use 100% leather, bold prints, statement lining colors, leather trimmed pockets, and durable brass zippers.  

When you make a pledge, backers will receive a bag from a special collection under her label anne b appropriately called - The MADE Collection.

In staying true to the initial inspiration for this project, she has worked with local LDS and Catholic refugee services to identify skilled seamstresses who will then manufacture the bags and will be employed through donations to this project. I will provide personal training and mentoring for the refugees to ensure quality craftsmanship.  

The remaining funds will go directly to her dream of starting a sewing school called Made. The pledges go to help pay for sewing machines, rental space, sewing tools and materials, and promoting throughout the valley.

The Made Collection

She also makes these adorable cosmetic bags. 


head on over and check out her page HERE or by checking out any of her social media listed below

IG @annebsarah
FB /annebdesigns
Twitter @annebdesigns


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